AM Now Developers Fees:

W2 Referral: 8% of starting salary.

C2C hired through your company: $3 per hour for the first three months the employee works.

C2C hired through AM Now Developers: According to negotiated fees.

Please complete the for below with your requirements. We will immediately begin referring candidates to your company


Referral Services:
Database of ServiceNow Developers:

AM Now Developers maintains a comprehensive database of highly skilled ServiceNow Developers across various locations, skill sets, and experience levels.
Matching Candidates to Job Requirements:

When a company reaches out to AM Now Developers with staffing needs, the staffing team evaluates the job requirements.
They match these requirements with suitable candidates from their database, considering skills, experience, location, and other relevant factors.

Candidate Referral:

AM Now Developers refers or recommends the most suitable candidates to the company seeking staffing, offering their profiles and information for consideration.
Coordination and Follow-up:

The staffing team coordinates communication between the company and referred candidates, schedules interviews, and assists in the overall recruitment process.
Staffing Services:

Understanding Client Requirements:

AM Now Developers engages with client companies to comprehend their staffing needs, including the type of employment (W2, Corp2Corp), required skills, duration, and project specifics.
Recruitment and Selection:

Leveraging their database and recruitment expertise, AM Now Developers sources, screens, and selects candidates meeting the specified criteria.
Placement and Onboarding:

Once suitable candidates are identified, AM Now Developers assists in placing them within the client company. This involves handling paperwork, contracts, and initial onboarding procedures.
Corp2Corp Staffing:

For Corp2Corp staffing, AM Now Developers may facilitate contract negotiations and establish agreements between the candidate’s corporation and the client company.
Ongoing Support and Follow-up:

AM Now Developers provides ongoing support, addresses concerns, and maintains communication between the client and the placed candidates to ensure a successful staffing arrangement.
Throughout the referral and staffing processes, AM Now Developers acts as an intermediary, connecting companies with skilled ServiceNow Developers and facilitating the hiring or contracting process while aiming to ensure a mutually beneficial arrangement for both parties involved.

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