ServiceNow is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS.) Its primary purpose is to streamline workflow through automating business processes. If you’re interested in automation, software development, and business, you may excel in a ServiceNow developer role. Read the article below to explore insights about this career opportunity. 

What does a ServiceNow developer do?

A ServiceNow developer is a software developer who specializes in working with the ServiceNow platform. They design, code, and troubleshoot applications. In addition to working on custom applications, ServiceNow developers may manage the platform and infrastructure. They handle tasks like architectural changes, integrations, and new module implementation. 

Essential skills for ServiceNow developers

As a type of software developer, ServiceNow developers will benefit from the following technical skills:

  • Ability to program in JavaScript 
  • Knowledge of markup languages like HTML and XML 
  • Familiarity with stylesheet languages like CSS
  • Web development tools and techniques like .NET and AJAX 
  • Cloud computing expertise

Technical knowledge is not the only requirement for this career path. Non-technical skills for an aspiring ServiceNow developer to learn include:

  • Problem-solving 
  • Project management
  • Collaboration

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